Down Force Drilling Operations currently have 2 drill rigs in its fleet. We follow our environmental guidelines to leave minimal footprint.

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Safety & Training

Down Force Safety and Training offers up-to-date safety and exploration drilling training. We cover cert II, III, and IV in drilling operations as well as Diploma. We also supply RRTO Standard 11, S1,S2,S3 and Drug & Alcohol Screener certifications

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Rehabilitation& Site Prep

In addition to exploration drilling, Down Force also has a wide variety of specialised rehab equipment utilised for excavating, rehabilitation of old sumps, gravel extraction, cartage of waste and more.

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  • Latest drill rig technology
  • Effective contractor management
  • Minimal downtime
  • Optimal production
  • Comprehensive packages


& Training

  • Up-to-date Qualifications
  • Cert II, III, IV & Diploma in Drilling Operations
  • RRTO Standard 11
  • S1,S2,S3
  • Drug & Alcohol Screener


& Site Prep

  • Rehabilitation of old sumps
  • Gravel extraction and cartage
  • Cartage of waste
  • Create access tracks
  • Adipisicing elit sed do

Welcome to Down Force

panoramaDown Force Drilling Operations Pty Ltd is an independent, family-owned company located in Bundaberg Queensland. Operating in the drilling and exploration industry for over four years, Down Force Drilling Operations is strategically positioned to supply specialist drilling services, as well as pre and post drilling services, to clients in the private, commercial and government sectors.

Our Operation Drilling Division conducts drilling in the exploration of coal and minerals. Utilising the latest in drill rig technology, the company maximises production while minimising environmental impact.

Down Force Drilling Operations Contractors is unique to its industry as it offers clients a comprehensive package of operations through the provision of pre and post drilling services, including grouting of drill/bore holes, and site preparation and rehabilitation services. As the sole service provider to a project, our Operations Contractors provides security to its clients through minimal downtime, greater production continuity and the reduction of contractor management issues.

All Down Force Operations Contractors operations are supported by industry experienced and quailed personnel.